- Do you want your finance function to add value?

It is expensive for any business to employ staff that is not involved in either sales or production. For an SME it is a decided luxury.


At Finance and Control we understand the frustration many business owners feel over the amount of red tape and admin that a business generates which necessitates using expensive external or internal resource.


We believe that a finance function should add value and at the very least pay for itself. At the most baisc level it should free up management's time and improve cash flow by better debtors collection.  There should be no surprises.

Through insightful management information, it should highlight the most and least profitable areas of the business thus improving profitability.

It should carry out continuous reviews of costs and renegotiate supplier contracts.


Through forward planning it will put in place a framework for the direction the business is moving, making its goals more easily achievable.


Finance and Control have stepped in on a numerous occassions and put in place a well functioning finance function. The size of  the function varies from office manager with an external payroll bureau and up to  several full time staff members.

There is an initial outlay in your part time FD's time but this gradually comes down to a less frequent supervision and advisory role.

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